10 Things to do Before Selling Your Home

Preparing your home before it hits the market is one of the most important things you can do to get top dollar for your home. Let's look at 10 ways to make your home truly shine!

1. Declutter!! Go through everything. Donate, give away, sell anything you no longer want/need. Pack up items you won't need during the sale (you have to pack them up anyway, get a head start.) The fewer items you have inside your home, the bigger and more spacious it will feel.

2. Do a thorough dusting...baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, windowsills.

3. Wash windows and screens.

4. Organize your pantry and cabinets. Buyers almost always open cabinets. Make your storage space attractive rather than chaotic.

5. Replace all burnt out light bulbs....and make sure the bulbs all match!

6. Replace your furnace filter. This is something almost every buyer notices. Excessively filthy filters point to deferred maintenance and leaves buyers wondering what else is not routinely being maintained.

7. Have rugs and carpets steam cleaned. Have you had a problem pet using a specific rug as a toilet? Replace it. Even though you may not be able to smell pet urine, someone walking though your house for the first time probably can.

8. Deep clean your oven, scrub hard water stains from the toilet, shower and bathtub. Remove hard water deposits from your glass shower doors.

9. Clean up the landscape. Trim any excess growth, pull weeds and dead plants. Rake leaves. Improve your cub appeal and make the buyer's first impression a good one!

10. Scrape any peeling paint and put a fresh coat of paint on. Magic erase any wall scuffs or stains. Pay extra attention to door trim, which often gets scuffed, especially if you have kiddos.

Remember, any buyer is going to imagine themselves living life in your home! You want them to fall in love with everything about your home. This starts with making it as appealing and fresh as possible. These tips are a great start to getting top dollar for your home! Best of luck to you!

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